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50th anniversary (1969 - 2019)

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In 2019, we celebrate 50 years of shaping social change

Half a century ago, we were co-founded by Roger Jowell and Gerald Hoinville as Social and Community Planning Research (SCPR).

Roger and Gerald had a vision for an independent organisation to design, deliver and analyse in-depth studies within the field of social and public policy. By providing high quality research to policy makers, we could influence change and make life better for people. Today, that vision has become a reality and our work and influence are widespread, relating to all aspects of public life.  

During 2019, we are celebrating by looking forward under the banner “50:50” - 100 Years of Social Research, Shaping Social Change” with:

  • A series of 50th anniversary events, with lectures examining the unresolved challenges for our society;
  • Blog posts, video, comment and analysis around the themes of the lectures.

We give a huge thank you to our funders, collaborators and fellow researchers. Together we can make a positive difference for our society.

We would love you to participate in our 50th celebrations. You can do that in various ways, including attending events or through supporting our organisation here.

Upcoming events

Brexit: What Britain Thinks - 26 March 2019 | House of Commons

Women in Social Science03 April 2019 | City, University of London

50th Anniversary Drinks Reception - 30 April 2019 | House of Lords

Previous events

Using data to inform suicide and self-harm prevention - 25 February 2019 | Royal Statistical Society

Latest articles

50 Years of Shaping Social Change  - Guy Goodwin, January 2019 

  • Upcoming events

    See upcoming events below

  • Brexit: What Britain Thinks

    britain in the rain

    26 March 2019 | House of Commons

     Read more

  • Women in Social Science

    03 April 2019 | City, University of London

     Read more

  • 50th Anniversary Drinks Reception

     Parliament Crop

    30 April 2019 | House of Lords

    Read more