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09 November 2016 - 13 November 2016

International Conference: Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation & Testing

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This conference will be the first international conference in over a decade specifically devoted to the design of survey questionnaires and the methods used for their development, evaluation and testing.

The American Statistical Association, in conjunction with the QUEST international group of questionnaire designers and cognitive testing specialists, are proud to announce an upcoming international conference in November 2016.

The conference has three main themes:

  • Questionnaire Design
  • Pretesting Methods
  • Data Quality and Measurement Error

Conference registration opens on 30th June 2016.

Conference programme 

The conference builds on the resounding success of the first QDET, held in 2002. QDET2  will provide a creative environment for researchers from across the world, working in government, academia and the private sector to come together to share new solutions and fresh approaches to survey measurement, questionnaire design and evaluation.

Over four days the conference will cover the:

  • challenges of designing survey instruments that collect ‘good’ data,
  • new developments in pre-testing and evaluation of survey questionnaires,
  • the role that new methodologies and technologies are playing in improving data collection and  instrument testing,
  • the methods available to improve survey instrument design generally.

Participants will share experiences and learn from one another through focused sessions and workshops, including product demonstration.

This is great opportunity to hear from experts in survey methodology, learn about real-world case studies from survey agencies, and have the opportunity to network with international peers and colleagues.

The conference will include workshops to encourage and facilitate greater collaboration and develop future research agendas.

Training courses for those new to the field

Delegates who are relatively new to the field will be given the opportunity to attend training courses on the first day that will cover:

  • Questionnaire design
  • Cognitive interviewing
  • Writing and pretesting cross-cultural questionnaires
  • Usability testing

Master classes for more experienced practitioners

Masterclasses will cover pre-testing and question evaluation methodologies:

  • Delivering surveys using mobile device
  • Quantitative methods for testing questions

Call for papers 

The call for papers closes on 24th May 2016. Details of how to submit an abstract can be found here QDET2 | Abstract Submission.

Submissions are especially encouraged for presentations that relate to the three main conference topics:

  • Questionnaire Design
  • Pretesting Methods
  • Data Quality and Measurement Error

Within these topics, we encourage papers on the following sub-topics:

Questionnaire Design

  • Designing questionnaires in the digital era and implications for practice (e.g., mode choice, gamification, and alternative ways of presenting stimuli)
  • Developments in the design and testing of establishment survey data-collection instruments
  • Understanding interviewer-respondent interaction in survey interviews to improve questionnaire design
  • What questionnaire designers can do to tackle response burden
  • New approaches to questionnaire design and evaluation
  • Developments in the measurement of attitudes, values, choices, preferences, behaviors, and emotions
  • Approaches to collecting survey data on sensitive topics

Pretesting Methods

  • Deciding which pretesting method or methods to use
  • Using pretesting methods to develop standardized survey questions for use in cross national/ cross cultural/ multi-lingual settings
  • Web probing: considerations, uses and practices
  • Managing and learning from iterative, multi-method pretesting
  • Usability methods
  • Pretesting methodology. Examples include: recruiting methods and practices, evaluation of newer or more novel methods, such as crowdsourcing, remote testing etc, validity and reliability of pretest results

Data Quality and Measurement Error

  • Alternative ways to think about and measure validity and reliability in surveys
  • Strategies for predicting data quality
  • Strategies to tackle measurement errors in cross-national/cross-cultural questionnaire design
  • Assessing alternative ways of collecting data (e.g., comparing survey measures, comparing survey measures with non-survey measures)
  • Improving respondent engagement and motivation 

Keep up-to-date

Queries about the conference can be sent to Debbie Collins or check out the conference Facebook page and #QDET2.

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