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Data Analysis

We use a variety of analysis methods and datasets to answer research questions in a range of areas

At the National Centre for Social Research, we combine analysis expertise with policy knowledge to provide insight in a range of policy areas, including health, social attitudes, transport and childcare. The aim of each analysis is to provide clear results and actionable recommendations.

We are experts in a range of analysis techniques. We will use this knowledge to identify the best method for your research question. This may range from summary tables to multivariate techniques, such as regression analysis, multi-level modelling, structural equation modelling, and latent class analysis. For longitudinal data analysis, we use specialist modelling techniques, such as event history analysis and survival analysis. 

We have considerable experience in analysing data from a range of sources, including survey data, administrative data and commercial data. These data cover fields as varied as child benefit data, cancer registrations, mortality data, and the National Pupil Database. We also have experience in handling and analysing unstructured data (often called ‘big data’), such as the data gathered from social media.  

Examples of our work

Fragmented Communities?  The analysis of new questions placed on the NatCen Panel survey combined with secondary analysis of the 2016/17 Community Life survey to assess the role of cohesion, community involvement and social mixing. 

Using our Ross-CASE survey data and latent class analysis , we help university and further education departments assess how well they are fundraising. 

We conducted secondary analysis of Understanding Society data  to help our collaborator, Demos, better understand the different ways that people experience poverty in Britain today. 

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