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Our qualitative research

Depth interviews, focus groups, video ethnography and more

At the National Centre for Social Research, we offer all of the principal qualitative methods,: from depth interviews and focus groups, to online research, video ethnography and peer-to-peer interviewing. Our qualitative experts will work with you to find the best approach to answer the questions that are important to you.

Our qualitative researchers are recognised leaders in the field, and we work with the Social Research Association on training the qualitative social scientists of the future. The text book “Qualitative Research Practice”, which was written by a team of leading qualitative researchers at NatCen in 2014, is still the number one reference book for students and researchers who face the challenges of doing qualitative research, in both applied and academic settings. 

We’re always keen to expand our qualitative expertise. That’s why we intend to develop and expand our methods further into fields such as visual elicitation and data analysis, as well as spatial and place-based approaches.

We've also developed the Framework method of qualitative analysis, which is available through the NVivo platform.

Examples of our qualitative methodologies

Using a narrative interview technique among survivors of abuse

Use of qualitative methods in a mixed method evaluation of anti-HBT bullying programme

  • Trauma and abuse

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    How we helped health services to identify and support people with a history of sexual or domestic violence:

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