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British Social Attitudes

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Every year we ask over 3,000 people what it's like to live in Britain and how they think Britain is run. The British Social Attitudes survey has been carried out annually since 1983 and is our longest running survey. Over 90,000 people have taken part in the study so far.

The latest 31st BSA report is available now from its own microsite.

BSA informs the development of public policy and is well-used by opinion leaders and social commentators as an important barometer of public attitudes. New questions are added each year to reflect current issues, but all questions are designed with a view to repeating them periodically to chart changes over time

Latest publications 

31st Report

The 31st report covers: democracy, Scotland, the Independence Referendum, national identity, immigration and benefits.

Early releases from the 31st report include:

30th Report 

The complete 30th British Social Attitudes report is available on its own microsite.

Topics included: politics, welfare, social and moral attitudes, social class, gender roles and the family, dying and the NHS.


The people selected to participate in the survey are chosen using a technique called random probability sampling. This technique ensures that everyone has a fair chance of being picked to take part and the results are representative of the British population. Once selected, participants are interviewed in their homes by one of NatCen’s interviewers.

Data from the study can be downloaded or analysed via the UK Data Archive 

For more information, please contact a member of the British Social Attitudes team

British Social Attitudes 31 microsite

Early release of BSA 31 on whether England wants Scotland to leave the Union

Early release of British Social Attitudes 31 on racial prejudice

Early release of British Social Attitudes 31 on pride in Britain

Early release of British Social Attitudes 31 on immigration

British Social Attitudes 30 microsite

British Social Attitudes 29 microsite

Read British Social Attitudes 28 online pdf

BSA 23-27 reports available here