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Research-informed schools evaluation

Teenage boy in the classroom
Researchers: Svetlana Speight
Published: May 2016

About the study

We've evaluated two different projects aimed at helping schools become more research informed.

Our evaluations looked at whether these two projects were practical and feasible and if they had any impact on schools’ decisions, teacher behaviour or pupil outcomes. 

The projects ran in Rochdale and Ashford and the evaluations were funded by the Education Endowment Fund.

Download the reports from the EEF website 

Research Champions - Ashford

Research into Practice - Evidence-informed CPD in Rochdale

Find out about the projects

The Ashford Teaching Alliance: Research Champion Project.

This project tested whether a school-based Research Champion could provide the support and structure necessary to enable research to make a difference.

Rochdale IPLCN: Development of the Rochdale Research into Practice model

A Continuing Professional Development Teacher Leader worked with a network of schools in Rochdale to improve their teaching in the light of relevant research.