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What's involved

Envelope With Lock Your letter

Once you have received a letter from us you may get a telephone call about one week later to check that you are eligible to take part. If you are eligible you will be invited to take part in an interview.  

If after five weeks you don't hear from us, this is because enough people have already volunteered to take part.


Smiley Man Interviewer visit

One of our researchers will call you during July and August 2018 to arrange an interview. We can interview you by telephone, or if you prefer, we can arrange to visit you at home or another suitable location. So that you know who they are, all of our researchers carry photo ID with our logo on it. We understand that you may be busy, so we’ll organise the interview at a time that suits you.


Speech Bubble The interview

With your permission, the interview will be recorded. Your interviewer will ask you about a range of topics including your experiences of claiming Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit and your experiences of talking to your work coach about work and health.  And don’t worry – you don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to, we can just skip on to the next one. We can also take breaks during the interview at any time, and you can ask someone to attend the interview with you, such a friend, family member or support worker.


Smiley Face No need to prepare

There’s no need to prepare for the interview. You don’t need any special knowledge - we just want to hear about your experiences and what you think. Most people agree to be interviewed and enjoy taking part.


Briefcase What will happen to the information I give?

We will not pass on your name to DWP or anyone else. Everything you say in the interview is confidential. This means we will not tell anyone, including DWP, what you have said.

We will write a report about the main issues that people have talked about. We will not name anybody in the report and it will not be possible to identify anybody who took part in the interviews. The report will be published on the DWP website.