Nilufer Rahim
With youth unemployment surpassing the one million mark and as public and private sector employees struggle to cover the spiralling costs of living on frozen or diminished pay packets, the excesses of executive pay are being brought sharply into focus. The High Pay Commission’s recent findings show upper earnings to be way out of line with expectations. Income Data Services calculated that the average FTSE 100 lead executive took home almost £4.5 million in combined salary, bonuses and benefits in 2010. In contrast, respondents of NatCen’s 2009 British Social Attitudes Survey (BSA) gave a median estimate of £200,000 for the earnings of a chairman of a large company. When asked how much such a person should earn the amount was halved, to £100,000.    

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Tags: BSA, British Social Attitudes, income and work, society, bonuses, inequality, unemployment, youth unemployment