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Empowering societies for global change

NatCen International

Through rigorous research, training, advisory services and public engagement, NatCen International carries out social research to empower societies to shape policy and practice to improve lives. This is a cross-institutional programme that draws on NatCen’s award-winning methodological excellence and multidisciplinary expertise, complementing our UK focus to enable the public to have a powerful role in decisions and services that make a difference to everyone.  

The world’s most pressing global challenges require solutions informed by local experiences and aspirations. Reconciling these with local realities, however, can be a difficult task. There is a need to incorporate evidence into public policy debates as well as ensure a stronger coherence between various international, regional and local stakeholders in addressing many of the challenges that societies face around the world today.

Our core workstreams

NatCen International is focused on working in six cross-cutting workstreams:

The team

NatCen International is led by Sherine El-Taraboulsi McCarthy.

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