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    • Future of Britain team.jpg Centre for Deliberative Research

      The Centre for Deliberative Research focuses on citizen engagement with policy making in the context of democratic innovation as well as conducting research that draws on wider participatory methods and expertise in public engagement.   

      We develop evidence and deliver a range of projects, from large multi-year deliberative research programmes to fast-turnaround qualitative projects. Our portfolio includes recent projects on Brexit, the environment and gender. We approach our work with innovation, working in partnership and collaboration to maximise the reach of the work we can do and the difference it can make.

  • Director

    Ceri Davies is a qualitative social researcher with over a decade of experience of mixed methods projects and significant expertise in communities, deliberation and participatory research.

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  • What next for online deliberation methods?

    In June 2021, NatCen hosted an online event to provide an engaging exploration of online deliberative research methods with presentations from Ceri Davies, Director of the Centre for Deliberative Research; Dr Alice Siu, a leading academic in the field of deliberative research from Stanford University; and Prof Alison Park, the Interim Executive Chair of the ESRC.

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    Read our paper ‘Where are we now and what next for online deliberative methods?’(pdf)

  • Project Highlight

    Citizen Engagement on the Environment

    This study aims to improve Defra’s understanding of people’s values and priorities for the environment and will generate options for taking these into account in environmental policymaking.

    Our work has produced a range of outputs concerned with citizen engagement with environmental policy making, including:

    - A Scoping Review

    - Research Briefing & Final Report

    - Practice Guide

    - Project Evaluation

    Our research gives insight into public attitudes and values that will in the short term inform the current refresh of the 25YEP and highlights the benefits of direct engagement with citizens in navigating the challenges of implementing the 25 Year Environment Plan. The final report details the public’s priorities for the environment, as well as their future visions and what role government and other actors should play in getting there.

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  • Our work

    We work with government, charities, think tanks and universities on commissioned policy and research questions.

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  • Get in touch

    To find out more about our work, how we can help you design deliberative research or partnership opportunities please call call 0207 549 9584 or email

    • videocall Methods

      We deliver high-quality deliberative and participatory research processes that enable participants to get to grips with often complex and technical information in exploring and articulating their views. This is achieved via public dialogue, deliberative workshops and citizen's assemblies.

      We are specialists in taking deliberations online, with in-house capacity for technical and moderator expertise in delivery and providing training to others to do so.

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  • Blog

    Read about how our in-house experts conduct deliberative research designed to tackle the unique challenges set by the changing social landscape.

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  • Events and resources

    Find our past events, recordings and related resources here.

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