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Framework analysis in NVivo

What is Framework? 

Framework is a method for managing qualitative data analysis that we've developed to help users organize and manage their data through a process of summarization, resulting in a series of themed matrices. 

The unique case by theme display allows users to analyse their data thematically and undertake exploratory analysis of the whole dataset.

The Framework method of analysis is used by researchers in fields like social policy and healthcare to evaluate intervention programs, understand social change and measure health system reform – to name a few. 

Framework analysis with NVivo 

Using this software you can:

  • reduce data quickly without losing quality
  • apply a systematic and comprehensive investigation
  • stay grounded in your data
  • keep ‘everything together’ while also making the data easy to navigate
  • leave an audit trail
  • manage your project efficiently

Purchasing NVivo

Visit the QSR International website to purchase NVivo or try a free trial.

Our partnership with QSR International

In 2011 we formed a strategic partnership with QSR International to ensure the Framework method of analysis was supported by the most up to date technology, using QSR's NVivo platform.