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  • police car February 2021 ScotCen Scottish Victimisation Telephone Survey

    The aim of the SVTS 2020 was to collect data on the Scottish population’s experiences and perceptions of crime, safety, and policing, including any changes in crime or perceptions between the pre-COVID-19 lockdown period (23rd March 2020) and the period following this up to the end of September 2020.

  • On the road February 2021 Public perceptions of sentencing

    Exploring public perceptions of the sentencing of causing death by driving offences in Scotland, including the perceptions of families of victims.

  • iStock-1084922892 January 2021 Assessing the feasibility of a survey on child abuse

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) commissioned NatCen to undertake a qualitative feasibility study to understand how a survey on child abuse could be run in future.

  • Court of justice August 2020 Alternatives to detention

    UNHCR has commissioned NatCen Social Research to evaluate Action Access. Action Access is the first alternative to detention (ATD) being piloted in the UK under the Home Office’s Community Engagement Pilot (CEP) series.

  • Teenage girls April 2020 Safeguarding children from sexual abuse in residential schools

    This research aimed to explore how child sexual abuse is understood in England and Wales, understand residential schools’ safeguarding practice against child sexual abuse, and collate views on good practice to prevent, identify, report and respond to child sexual abuse in residential schools.

  • mixed-sex-and-race-teenages-standing-by-wall February 2020 Evaluation of the National Child Protection Inspection (NCPI) programme on policing

    The National Child Protection Inspection programme (NCPI) is run by HMICFRS and assesses the quality of child protection practices in police forces across England and Wales.

  • Scales Of Justice and legal book February 2019 Process evaluation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) Electronic Monitoring Pilot

    This qualitative process evaluation looked at a pilot of the Global Positioning System (GPS) location monitoring conducted across eight police force areas in England. The pilot involved satellite tracking tags being used to remotely monitor and record information on an offender’s or defendant’s whereabouts or behaviour.

  • RS2416 IMG 82336034657041469676801 October 2018 The experiences of victims of hate crime

    The research looks at the experiences of victims of hate crime; their decision-making, motivations for and barriers to reporting these crimes; and their experiences with the police, criminal justice system and support services.

  • Policeman October 2018 Enhancing Diversity in Policing

    This report looks at enhancing diversity within police forces across recruitment, retention and progression, and the importance of diversity for a representative police force and community engagement.

  • RNLI August 2018 Personal narratives of serious incidents at sea and on the coast

    This qualitative research explores the experiences of people who have witnessed a water-related fatality or survived a serious incident.

1-10 of 52 matches (52 studies, 0 series)