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  • Family lounge scene July 2019 Parents’ experiences of claiming the childcare element of Universal Credit

    Save the Children UK commissioned NatCen to conduct a qualitative research study to explore parents’ experiences of claiming the childcare element of UC in England.

  • Pounds and pennies May 2019 Lifetime gifting: reliefs, exemptions and behaviours

    This research aimed to understand gifting behaviours among the British population.

  • House For Sale December 2018 Analysis of house prices at the local level

    This project investigates the relationship between income and housing at the local level, using estimates of small area income produced from consumer data . This exploratory analysis looks at the potential for further research into house prices in small geographical areas.

  • Cash Money December 2018 What can we learn from Small Area Income Estimates?

    This project assesses existing estimates of income in England using new small area income estimates produced using consumer data. The Acxiom income estimates and CAMEO Postcode Classifications are compared with existing income estimates, produced by the Family Resources Survey and the Office for National Statistics. The aim of the project is to assess the reliability of estimates based on consumer data for analysis by social scientists.

  • Uber Drive February 2018 Characteristics of those working in the gig economy

    Our latest report examines the British gig economy, based on research commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

  • Woman working out finances November 2017 Research on the Sharing Economy

    Find out who is participating in the Sharing Economy and making money by sharing, selling or renting goods and services online.

  • An employee concerned with a workplace dispute November 2017 Acas Early Conciliation decision-making

    Our report for Acas conducts insights into the employees who use the Early Conciliation service for resolving workplace disputes, but neither go on to achieve a settlement or proceed to an employment tribunal.

  • Pound Coins October 2017 The Hidden Economy in Great Britain

    From HMRC and NatCen: our research into the scale and nature of Great Britain's Hidden Economy.

  • Wigan High Street October 2017 Social and political attitudes of people on low incomes

    People on low incomes have attitudes to politics broadly in line with the wider population, but feel less in control of their lives.

  • Men making a cup of tea in the office June 2017 Success factors for community businesses

    Research that identifies four key factors that contribute to a successful community business.

1-10 of 55 matches (50 studies, 5 series)