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  • Bsa October 2020 Series British Social Attitudes 37

    The British Social Attitudes survey has been carried out annually since 1983 and is our longest running survey. Over 90,000 people have taken part in the study so far.

  • Man in kilt September 2020 ScotCen Series Scottish Social Attitudes

    The Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) Survey is an annual survey that has been run since 1999 – this year marked its twentieth anniversary. It is a face-to-face survey that uses a random sample of all those aged over 16 and living anywhere in Scotland, so it provides a robust and reliable picture of changing attitudes over time.

  • People Photo March 2019 Public Confidence in Official Statistics 2018

    Levels of trust in ONS and the statistics it produces remain high, having not changed significantly since 2016.

  • Polling station March 2018 Why turnout was higher in the 2017 General Election

    At 69%, voter turnout in the 2017 General Election was higher than at any such election since 1997. In the latest release of our initial British Social Attitudes (BSA) findings, we examine the increase in more depth.

  • RS4803_iStock-623527658-scr February 2018 Embracing the world? Changing attitudes to trade

    The nature of the UK’s post-Brexit trade agreements with both the European Union and the rest of the world are likely to have a considerable impact on public life.

  • Scottish flag flying in the breeze January 2018 Just 15 months to go: what Scotland is making of Brexit

    With 15 months before the official date, the National Centre for Social Research has conducted new research that examines Scottish attitudes towards Brexit.

  • Wigan High Street October 2017 Social and political attitudes of people on low incomes

    People on low incomes have attitudes to politics broadly in line with the wider population, but feel less in control of their lives.

  • Badges with Union Jack in focus December 2016 Understanding the Leave vote

    A high-level overview of why we voted to leave the EU, drawing on analysis of the latest and highest quality data.

  • Country flags November 2015 What UK Thinks

    The latest report by John Curtice, 'Half-Time in the Brexit Negotiations: The Voters’ Scorecard' is now available.

  • March 2015 Religion or belief in the workplace and service delivery

1-10 of 13 matches (10 studies, 3 series)