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Elections, voting and electoral fraud

Published: January 2015


To explore electoral fraud vulnerabilities within British Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities and to gather suggestions for improvements to make voting safer from electoral fraud. 


This research was commissioned by the Electoral Commission in response to an earlier report that had uncovered concern about electoral fraud vulnerabilities within British Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities.

Key findings 

You can read the full report here. It identifies: 

  • area based differences that can increase vulnerability to fraud
  • factors that may underpin vulnerability, such as lack of knowledge about acceptable campaigning methods and pressure to vote in a certain way
  • barriers to reporting electoral fraud
  • how electoral processes can be made more secure.


We conducted a qualitative case study across eight electoral wards in England with large British Pakistani or Bangladeshi populations.  

Four areas had a recent history of allegations or convictions of electoral fraud. Each of these was paired with a comparator area with similar population characteristics but no electoral fraud allegations or convictions.

A total of 199 people of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other ethnic and national backgrounds took part. 

Download the report