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Towards Integrated Early Childhood Services

A formative evaluation of the Islington First 21 Months programme

Researchers: Fatima Husain
Published: May 2016


This is an early assessment of the extent to which early years’ service integration and the IF21M programme in Islington has been successful in achieving its outcomes.

The evaluation identified:

  • strengths and weaknesses of the integrated working approach;
  • key indicators and measures to track progress towards stated programme outcomes.

About the IF21M programme 

The IF21M programme was developed as a large, multiagency programme with the aim to deliver a “seamless model of care”, beginning in early pregnancy and continuing throughout the first year of life.

IF21M encompasses work with all of Islington's 16 Children Centres alongside maternity services, the health visiting service, primary care, and specialist services such as Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services and speech and language therapy.


You can download a copy of the report, Towards Integrated Early Childhood Services.


An iterative research design comprised the following:

  • Scoping: a review of documents on the integrated working, and the IF21M.
  • Logic Model development: workshops key Islington stakeholders resulted in the development of a programme logic model and an indicator matrix.
  • Data collection: this included stakeholder interviews and case studies in seven Children’s Centre Clusters comprising staff and service user interviews.
  • Analysis and reporting: thematic analysis and synthesis of findings was conducted to report on progress towards stated programme outcomes

Download the report