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Welsh Health Survey

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The Welsh Health Survey informs local government targets, resource allocation and nationwide health strategy. 

The latest results are from 2015 and are published on the Welsh Government's website.

Latest findings

Health status, illnesses and other conditions

  • 51% were being treated for an illness - 20% for high blood pressure, 14% for respiratory illness, 12% for arthritis, 13% for mental illness, 8% for a heart condition and 7% for diabetes.
  • 19% of adults reported fair or poor general health.
  • 32% of adults eat five or more portions of fruit and vegetables the previous day.
  • 33% said their day-to-day activities were limited because of a health problem or disability.

Health - related lifestyle

  • Nearly one fifth, 19%, of adults reported that they smoked.
  • 6% of adults smoke e-cigarettes.
  • 40% of adults drank more than the recommended amount on at least one day in the past week.
  • 32% of adults eat five or more portions of fruits and vegetables the previous day.
  • 59% of adults were classified as overweigyht or obese, including 24% who were obese. 

The health of children

  • The majority of children, 94%, reported very good or good general health.
  • Nearly one fifth of children, 19%, were reported as having a long-standing illness.
  • 64% children were reported as eating fruit every day, and 52% were reported as eating vegetables every day.
  • 36% of children were reported as undertaking physical activity for at least an hour on every day of the previous week.


We collect data from approximately 15,000 adults and 3,000 children annually in 10,000 households in Wales, using a short paper-based household questionnaire, and individual self-completion questionnaires.

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