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Our pledge to you

We respect your wishes

Taking part is voluntary and you do not have to discuss anything that you don’t want to.

We answer your questions

If you have been invited to take part and have any additional questions, you can send an email to and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also ask questions about the assembly and wider consultation by emailing

We guard your privacy

We will treat the information you give us in the strictest confidence under the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Read more about how we protect your data by reading the privacy notice below.

Privacy notice

This privacy notice explains how we will follow the regulations for protecting your data: the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It explains:

  • How the data will be used, stored and deleted, and who can access it;
  • The legal basis for gathering and processing the data; and
  • Who you can contact with a query or a complaint.

1       Who is the data controller and data processor?

For the purpose of data protection legislation, the Women’s Equality Party (WE) is the data controller for the personal data processed as part of the members assembly. The National Centre for Social Research is the data processor.

Contact details:

Women's Equality Party
Unit 3, 2 Tunstall Road, Brixton

NatCen Social Research, 
35 Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London,

 2       What is the legal basis for processing my data?

As the data controller, WE is responsible for deciding the purpose and legal basis for processing participants personal data. The legal basis for processing data is ‘public interest’.

3       What personal data is being collected and why do you want to process this information?

The citizens assembly will generate recommendations from members regarding the proposed motion on the adoption of changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and whether WE need to make policy changes. Participants will take part in three online sessions to learn about the context and issues, reflect on these issues in small groups and reach a set of recommendations. 

NatCen has been appointed by WE to recruit members and run the assembly. To recruit participants NatCen will be processing personal data of members who have completed a demographic survey issued by WE and who agreed for their details to be shared with NatCen. The data collected includes names, email addresses, phone numbers and demographic information (including age, sex, gender, ethnicity, disability status, sexuality, and socio-economic background.)

The survey data will be transferred securely using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and stored in a secure folder on NatCen’s server. NatCen will use this data to select participants and contact members who are selected, inviting them to take part.

The members assembly will be recorded (audio only) and the recordings shared with WE. The small group discussions will be recorded but these will only be accessed by the WE team and will not be made publicly available.

4       Who will have access to my personal data?

Demographic data collected from the survey will be kept confidentially and only the project team at NatCen will have access to this data.  NatCen will only keep your personal data for as long as it is need it for the purpose of this piece of work, after which point it will be securely destroyed.  The recordings from the assembly will be shared with WE.

5       Do I have to take part?

Taking part in this study is completely voluntary. There is no statutory or contractual requirement to participate or provide any personal details. There will be no consequences if you choose not to take part. Participants are able to change their mind and withdraw from the research if they so wish, up until the assembly has been completed. Once the assembly has concluded participants will no longer be able to withdraw or amend their contribution.

6       How will my information be used?

Demographic information will be used to select and invite participants to take part in the assembly. With permission, the names of members who took part in the assembly will be listed on the WE website and made publicly available. However, names of members who took part will not be linked in any way to their contributions. 

7       How will my information be stored?

NatCen will carefully manage personal data. All the information you provide will be held in strict confidence and held securely, so that only the research team will have access to your personal data. This data will not be held for any longer than is necessary to complete the research and will be deleted by November 2020.

8       Will I have access to my information?

Yes, but please note that once the assembly has concluded, you will no longer be able to withdraw and we would not be able to change the results by removing individual information. However, you can always request that your personal data be deleted or updated, and we will let you know immediately if this is possible or not.

9       Who can I contact with a query or a complaint?

If you have any questions about how your data will be used or your data protection rights, please contact WE’s Data Protection Officer at You can view WE’s privacy policy at

Where we are processing your personal data with your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent. If you change your mind, or you are unhappy with our use of your personal data, please let us know by contacting Alternatively, you have the right to raise any concerns with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) via their website at