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    • Man at allotment Why take part?

      The government has already used what you say to inform pensions and social care policy.

      Thanks to the unique information you give us, the government  takes notice of what ELSA members are saying.

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  • COVID-19 Home Antibody Testing Study

    The COVID-19 home antibody testing study is an antibody research study. Antibodies are made by the immune system to fight infection. In this study, we will use the results of antibody tests that you do yourself at home to help us understand how many people in ELSA may have already been infected with the virus which causes COVID-19. 

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  • Impact of the Coronavirus outbreak study

    How has the Coronavirus outbreak affected you? This study is a special addition to ELSA 50+ Health and Life, looking at the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the health and lives of people aged 50 years and over.
    If you would like to take part, please visit

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  • Contact us

    Find out how to contact us if you need to let us know you have changed your address or you have a question to ask about ELSA. 

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  • ELSA 50+ Memory and Thinking

    How does our memory and thinking change as we get older? ELSA 50+ Memory and Thinking is a special additional part of ELSA 50+ Health and Life, looking at what happens to our memory as we age.

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  • Feedback on ELSA
    •   Here is my opportunity to do something positive ... to improve things in the future  

      ELSA participant

    • Street scene Why have I been chosen?

      Whoever you are, whatever your situation is - your experiences are important to us.

      We want to hear about the lives of everyone aged 50 and over.  

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    • pink-handshake2 Our pledge to you

      We understand you may have some questions about our credentials and how we deal with personal information. 

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  • What’s involved?

    One of our interviewers will call at your home to arrange an interview at a time that suits you. The interview itself is really relaxed – there’s no need to prepare and you can skip any questions you don’t want to answer. 

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  • Who are NatCen?

    We’re Britain’s largest independent social research agency. For the last 40 years we’ve worked on behalf of government and charities to find out what people really think about important social issues and how Britain is run. 

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    • Elderly men Latest news and findings

      Discover the latest findings and what the ELSA team are up to in 2016. 

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  • Privacy notice

    In this privacy notice, we explain the legal basis for data processing, who will have access to your personal data, how your data will be used, stored and deleted and who you can contact with a query or a complaint.

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    • Cafe food Dietary questionnaire

      Have you been invited to take part in our online dietary questionnaire?

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