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Case Study Interviews

What’s involved?

If you received a grant from the Youth COVID-19 Support Fund and took part in one of our previous online discussions, you might be invited to take part in one additional follow-up interview.

The interview will take place online, last up to 1 hour and will be with one of our researchers. The interview will take place in April/May.

In the interview, we will discuss similar topics to the online discussion but will cover them in more depth:

  • your organisation’s background
  • how COVID-19 impacted your organisation
  • how the Fund supported your organisation during COVID-19
  • what worked well and what could have worked better
  • your recommendations for future funding initiatives

Why have I been selected to take part?

You have been asked to take part in this interview because you took part in one of our previous online discussions and we think your organisation is a good example of how the Fund worked. We are looking to have a diverse range of case studies, so don’t feel disheartened if your organisation is not selected.

What will happen to any information I give?

We will bring together the views of everyone who has taken part in this research into a report for the DCMS. If you take part in a case study interview, we would like to use the name of your organisation in the report and will provide a short summary of your organisation’s experience of the Fund in the report. We won’t use your names, or the names of any other individuals. However, people who know you might be able to recognise that you have taken part given that we will use the name of your organisation.

For more information on how NatCen will handle your personal information, please refer to the privacy notice.

Is participation voluntary?

Yes, participation is completely voluntary. You do not have to take part in the interview, and you may choose to stop participating at any point without giving a reason. You can also choose to skip particular questions or topics.

Whether you decide to take part in a follow-up interview or not will in no way affect your current grant from the Fund or any future applications for grant funding from DCMS.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

You do not need to answer any questions you do not feel comfortable answering.

How can I find out more?

You can contact the NatCen research team on 0808 169 5668 or at