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  • Why we’re here

    We’re Britain’s largest independent social research agency. By really understanding the complexity of people's lives and attitudes, we give the public a powerful role in shaping decisions and services that make a difference to everyone.

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    • Hospital sign

      43% don't care if NHS-funded hospital care is provided by the NHS or another provider.  

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    • Flats and street

      English Housing Survey reveals half of young households aged 25-34 are in the private rented sector. 

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    • Leafleting Our research

      Social & political attitudes

      Our considerable experience of measuring and interpreting social attitudes is best exemplified by our British Social Attitudes survey, set up in 1983. 

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    • Children racing Our research

      Children & young people

      Our work ranges from research on childcare provision and children's education, to parental employment and family support. 

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    • Primary school playground Our research

      Schools, education & training

      We conduct a number of studies relating to education and skills, from evaluations of school-based initiatives, to studies into childcare provision.

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    • Man handcuffed Our research

      Crime & justice

      Our work spans: victimisation and crime & punishment; the civil justice system; and the organisation of the legal profession.

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    • Mother and baby Our research

      Health & wellbeing

      Our research spans general health and lifestyle studies to studies focussing on particular health issues or sections of the population. 

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    • Woman working out finances Our research

      Income & work

      Our work in this area includes taking stock of the financial circumstances of the population as a whole, as well as smaller more specific studies.

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    • Community gardening Our research


      Our studies range from how people volunteer in Britain today and investigating why communities fragment, as in the case of the August riots.

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    • Family outside house Our research


      We have substantial experience of conducting large, complex surveys, as well as in-depth, qualitative studies in most areas covered by family policies.

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    • Muslim ladies Our research

      Equality & diversity

      We have a long tradition and extensive experience of conducting research about social inclusion. 

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