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    We find out what people really think about important social issues and how Britain is run. 

    Our research helps government and charities make the right decisions about the big issues.

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    • British Social Attitudes

      The British Social Attitudes survey has been carried out annually since 1983 and is our longest running survey. Over 90,000 people have taken part in the study so far.

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    • Survey of Childcare and Early Years Providers

      The Survey of Childcare and Early Years Providers is a major research project that produces official statistics about childcare and early years provision in England. It provides the Department for Education with the critical information needed to monitor and evaluate childcare and early years provision.

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    • Enhancing Diversity in Policing

      This report looks at enhancing diversity within police forces across recruitment, retention and progression, and the importance of diversity for a representative police force and community engagement.

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    • The experiences of victims of hate crime

      The research looks at the experiences of victims of hate crime; their decision-making, motivations for and barriers to reporting these crimes; and their experiences with the police, criminal justice system and support services.

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    • Attitudes to tax and spending

      We provide an analysis of how attitudes toward tax and spending have shifted across the entire period (over 30 years) that British Social Attitudes (BSA) has been running.

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    • What UK Thinks

      The latest report by John Curtice, 'Half-Time in the Brexit Negotiations: The Voters’ Scorecard' is now available.

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    • English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)

      ELSA follows the lives of people in England aged 50 and over. It looks at the quality of life among older people and explores the dynamic relationships between health and functioning, social networks and participation, and economic position as people plan for, move into and progress beyond retirement.

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    • Food and You

      The latest report from the Food Standards Agency's flagship consumer survey is now available.

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    • Health Survey for England

      The Health Survey for England is a yearly survey that monitors the health of the nation. It has been running since 1991.

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    • Why turnout was higher in the 2017 General Election

      At 69%, voter turnout in the 2017 General Election was higher than at any such election since 1997. In the latest release of our initial British Social Attitudes (BSA) findings, we examine the increase in more depth.

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    • Public attitudes to data linkage

      This study explored Health Survey for England (HSE) participants’ attitudes to data linkage.

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    • Characteristics of those working in the gig economy

      Our latest report examines the British gig economy, based on research commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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  • Our other websites:

    British Social Attitudes

    Tracking changes in people's social, political and moral attitudes since 1983

    Scottish Social Attitudes

    Sister survey to British Social Attitudes focusing on changes in attitudes in Scotland since 1999

    What UK Thinks: EU

    UK attitudes to the EU and the EU Referendum

    What Scotland Thinks

    Attitudes to how Scotland and the UK should be governed

    Health Survey for England

    Health trends since 1991